Creepy Places

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Tools of the Trade: The Ups & Downs

Every paranormal group has it's own tools they use for the collecting of data. Overtime, we have learned the ups and the downs of some of these tools and we learn something new the more we use them. Despite what others may claim, you cannot take a class on how to use paranormal devices as most paranormal groups use them in a wrong way or it's uses are speculative at best. Plus, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure them out. Here are some of the ups and downs of common tools we use at "Creepy Places".   

K2 Meter

Ups: Very easy to use (and at times fun) and anyone can use it. The lights can be seen in the dark, which is very helpful for night investigations. The newer models do not require a penny to operate, so it's convenient. It does help with discovering natural electro-magnetic sources in a location. Additionally, it is said a spirit can manipulate the lights for yes or no questions.

Downs: In the daytime, the light on the K2 is hard to see. The K2 meter can be set off by cellphones and walkie-talkies, making it easy to fake evidence.  Due to it's sensitivity to all things electronics, any data collected is very subjective.  We have yet to personally experience a K2 session that we truly can deem to be paranormal data.

Digital Voice Recorder 

Ups: The most important item in any paranormal investigation. Most data collected will come from the voice recorder. They are easy to use, and during an EVP session, (when done), can be quite fun. To analysis the recordings, all that is needed is a simply and free program called Audacity. Digital Recorders have a lot of memory. 

Downs: They also can pick up a lot of background noise, making it hard to analysis and separate what is an EVP and what is natural noise. Also, the longer the recordings, the more time it takes to analysis, so there has to be a lot of time commitment. Digital recorders are also said to pick up cellphone and radio signals, helping diminish the reliability that an EVP is a spirit voice. 

The Ghost Meter 

Ups: The Ghost Meter is a lot easier to use than a regular EMF readier. It works very well in detecting natural electro-magnetic fields  in a location.  The lights and the noise makes it useful in both daylight and night investigations. It is said spirits can manipulate this tool.

Downs: If a spirit can manipulate this tool, we have yet to experience it. While we do use it, the item appears to be useful only in detected electro-magnetic fields rather than communications with any spirit. The new Ghost Meter Pro is a gimmick that relies on a pattern rather than actual communications. Also, for a simple device, the cost is quite high.   

Heat Reader

Ups: Easy to use in detecting surface temperatures. It is said one can use such items to detect a spirit who can cause a rapid change in temperature. 

Downs: This one has more downs than ups, as we rarely had a spirit manipulate the temperature. This devise measures surface temperature, which can lead to a great and sudden change in temperature as different materials have different heat storage capacity. In other words, a "sudden" change of ten degrees or more can be completely natural, such as pointing it at a rock then immediately point to open space.

                                                       SONY Night Vision Camera

Ups: Take very good and high definition video. It's easy to use and carry around. The night vision aspect is very useful for night time investigations.  

Downs: Night vision can be good in closed in spaces , but in wide open areas it's useless. The sound is good, but it does make an odd mechanical noise when it is very quit. Batteries have a short duration and need a better pack, and while those packs are good they wear out quickly and need replacing. 

                          P -SB7 Spirit Box

Ups: It's actually fun to use, especially in group settings. It's easy to use and portable. If spirits do communicate via the spirit box, it's instantaneous and real-time. We have had some interesting responses in the past. 

Downs: I had to get a replacement since the first one broke, and though the second one is still in use, there has been issues with the screen. The static noise the devise makes can get very annoying. Majority of the voices heard are nothing more than radio stations coming in, and the other, small percentage of responses are often inaudible and speculative in interpretation.   


Ups: It's a two in one devise that detects electro-magnetic and temperature, so it's useful. It has an ability to record the high and lowest temp. & electro readings for a session. Spirits supposedly can manipulate it.

Downs: Unlike most items on this list, the Mel-Meter can be a difficult to use and to understand all of it's functions. It's also an expensive item to buy. Except for one odd situation, we haven't had much luck with it.