Creepy Places

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We are a team of adventurers straight out of Rhode Island. We seek to explore locations around the world in order to raise interests in culture, history, literature, art, and the paranormal. From the cemeteries of Rhode Island to the barrows of England, to the woods of Connecticut to the tombs of France, we showcase our adventures for your viewing pleasure.

With "Creepy Places of New England," we explore locations from this region, which includes the Lizzie Borden House in Massachusetts, the Sunrise Resort in Connecticut, and Cady's Tavern in Rhode Island. With "Creepy Places Global," we take our adventures on a global scale, including Avebury in England, Coloma in California, and The Pantheon in France. We seek to present to you history, exploring, and paranormal investigation all wrapped into one!

UPDATE: Creepy Places has joined forces with Ocean State Paranormal, a great team from Rhode Island.

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